Centre for Telemedicine

Predicting the future by creating it
International Centre for Telemedicine

As part of a deep interest in high technology and digital health, in 2013 he combines his medical specialty with a set of technological developments, closing the Research-Innovation-Business circle, and creates the Prof. Doutor Márcio Navalho International Centre for Telemedicine, a Teleradiology company, which fundamental objective, since its inception, has been to provide Medical Radiology care of the highest quality and with clinical staff of excellence, with a focus on the export activity. He acts as CEO and Clinical Director.

Currently a mature project, with almost 50 employees, of which more than 30 Physicians, including Radiologists, Neuroradiologists, Cardiologists, Rheumatologists, the Centre for Telemedicine has clients in the five continents and has been sustainably growing since its inception. Over 70% of its turnover results from the export activity, being the largest exporter of this type of service to Portuguese-speaking African countries and a significant player in Europe. 

Márcio Navalho, Executive President of the International Center for Telemedicine.